Hair Accessory

Once upon a time my hair was long. A long time ago. A very long time ago. There is no way at that time someone would have been able to convince me that today I would have no patience for long hair. Nevertheless, that does not diminish my creative ideas for hair accessories.

Silk flower with pink rhinestone
Silk flower with pink rhinestone

This hair accessory is quite simple to make. All one needs is a silk flower, hair barrette, rhinestone, and glue (a needle and thread could also be used to secure the barrette to the flower).  See photo below. Silk flowers can be purchased from any arts and craft store or even  Walmart or Target. All you need is the craft aisle. Barrettes may also be purchased there too.


Remove the center piece of flower. This part is often connected to the stem. Place a small drop off glue on the back petal to attach barrette or sew in place if you choose that option. Place another drop off glue on your rhinestone and press in place on front. Allow to dry and wear your new accessory with style.


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