From Burned Shirt to Brand New

burned shirt1Hubby has been really good about advertising. I can count on him to put in a good word about my sewing and alterations.  He brought home this blouse and asked if I could fix it. At first glance, I thought nothing was wrong with it until I looked a bit closer.                       burned shirt2 His coworker had burned the bottom band with the iron. Lucky for her, the burn did not permeate the entire blouse.  This would be an easy fix. Especially since this band was created with the fabric on a fold and open edges attached to bottom of blouse.

burned shirt-reversed band

I began by removing the band from the bottom of the blouse. Since the burn was not through-and-through, I was able to flip the band and re-attach to bottom. His coworker was ecstatic and so grateful for my help restoring her favorite blouse.

I was glad to help.


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