No *BUY* Pattern Challenge

Hello Beautiful People! April is here! I spent most of March decluttering my sewing space, organizing and reorganizing fabric and patterns. Going through my patterns really made me realize I have a ton of them…many which I have not used. Seem to have developed a habit of buying patterns and not using them.

Well, while searching for an April sewing challenges, I found NaturalDane on YouTube. She started a No *BUY* Sewing Pattern Challenge which runs from January to June. Unfortunately, I’m already disqualified. JoAnns had Mccall’s patterns on sale for $1.99. There were a couple that I had been eyeing for a while. I went ahead and added them to the collection. But that’s it. I’m not buying any more.

As of today, I am stepping away from the pattern buying. From April to June, I will not purchase any patterns. This includes online as well. I truly need to make good use of the patterns I have. Honestly, there are about six basic pieces which all items are made from. And like NaturalDane, I want to increase my skills and really challenge myself. So you should see more sewing from manufactured patterns (the ones I already have), self drafted, as well as DIY. Stay tuned and remember to enjoy your journey.



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