Day 3 – Thankful Three

Always-something-Thankful4 (2)Yes, there is. Today, I’m thankful for my amazing husband, my connections, and my pets.My life schedule is all over the place. I work part-time away from home and almost full-time at home. Then there’s church commitments and sorority commitments and whatever-else-commitments. He knows me and takes care of those little things like feeding the dogs, prepping food, and re-washing clothes. Yep, re-washing the load I started and forgot in the washing machine. He even finds the time to give an encouraging word or two.Next, I am so grateful for every person I’m connected to. In some way, we crossed paths and made an impact on each other. I have learned so much from them (you). Good, bad, cordial, or indifferent, we’ve left a footprint in the life of each other. You are important and I love you.Last, I am grateful for my pets. I’ve had my two dogs since they were 10 weeks old. Last year we acquired a cat – I named her “Ms. Patch”. Hubby called her “Catty”. I was so not a cat person. She changed all that. She was such an angel. She was at least 3 years old and we don’t know how long she had been feral. She acquired what’s known as megacolon and never recovered. The day we put her down was so tough. It was compacted by a funeral for the sudden loss of very dear friend. Two days later, this tiny kitten climbed up the tree in my backyard and couldn’t get down. I coached it down. Hubby fed it. Needless to say, two weeks later, I’m making a trip to the vet with Sheba. We’ve been inseparable ever since.


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