Creative Clipboard

Greetings All,

Have you ever needed something and didn’t want to shop for it? Well, I needed a clipboard for my sign-in sheets at work. And I needed it right away. I could have easily picked up one from the local dollar store. But that would mean I would have to leave the office. With a full day of advising appointments, that was not an option. Enter creativity.


I had a used legal pad. I could have just placed the magnetic clip here and called it finished. But that would be too easy. And this was too plain.


I found a folder with pockets, cut it in half and removed the pocket. With a few staples to secure it to the cardboard, I had a ready made clipboard.


The final touch was using a strand from and old t-shirt to secure the pen to the magnetic clip. And yes, I had on hand cut strips from an old t-shirt from another project. I wouldn’t be my creativity self if I didn’t. ((wink))

It was quick. It’s very useful and happens to be quite cute. Let me know what you think.



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