My Boa Scarf with a Twist

One of my goals for this year is to prep my things the night before. That was so easy when I was in the Navy.  Uniform pressed. Boots shined. Lunch ready. But now, I wake up and wish I had prepared my things the night before. Wednesday morning was no different. I woke up with an idea of what I would wear. That changed every time I chosen an item that would need ironing. I am not a fan of ironing. I’ll do it for professional sake, but with much reluctance. Here’s what I decided on: light-weight knit dress, blue – my favorite color.


I grabbed the scarf to add a bit of contrast. I didn’t want to do the basic loop, drape, or infinity look. While just playing around in the mirror, this was created.


I used the tuck and roll method. Found out later today it’s called “The Boa”. I’m sure if I look hard enough, it’s a different name somewhere else. Mine is a tad bit different because I allowed enough on the ends to tie it. This YouTube video shows several ways to wear a scarf. “The Boa” tutorial starts at 2:20.


I was happy I got this look on the first try.


I’m sure I’ll be wearing this look more often.



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