Hemming Jeans

I’ve gotten really good at hemming jeans. My friend/client has two boys. One is short, so his jeans are always too long. The other is tall, so his jeans are often purchased longer and need to be hemmed as well. We’ve been at this for a while now and she’s got the fitting technique down to a science. From day one, I asked her to have her boys try on the jeans inside out. That’s right – inside out. It’s an easy way for her to mark the length. And one less step for me in the hemming process. For demonstration purposes, here’s a picture using a pair of hubby’s jeans.


Since her jeans will be altered, I can take her placement and press in a crease for the new hem. Next, I’ll measure an inch from the crease and cut off the excess.

I’ll fold up a half inch and fold up again before I take them to the machine.

Here’s the hem in a most recent pair:
Feel free to share some of your techniques for hemming.

Enjoy and happy sewing!




    • Yes, MAY ROSE SEWING. Jeans are not the easiest. I believe its due to the thickness. My machine is a Singer. A much older model. But here’s a trick for the seam thickness: use a hammer to flatten. This will reduce some of the bulk. Then sew seam very slow. Hope helps.

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