Honoring Mothers. Celebrating Life.


This past Saturday, I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure. This was my first time participating and my first 5K. My college friend participated last year and I told her I would next time. I’ve done plenty of breast cancer walks. This would be no different or so I thought.

We arrived early and she got her registration tag. I didn’t register, only donated. Will definitely register next time. Will also make sure we have a small backpack and a fun theme. We created the “In Celebration of” and “In Memory of” tags.image 



I soon realized, this was more than just a walk. This was a moment to honor and remember Veronica (my friend’s mom) and Eleasah (my mom). This disease had taken the life of Veronica in 2004 and my mother in 1988. Wow, who knew that when we became roommates at a college retreat for Student Leaders in 1994 that this would be a common thread in our life? Could it be coincidence that this race is every year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day? Hmmm… We decided to make this an annual thing for us.


This race/event also gave us an opportunity to celebrate Survivors. I’m proud to report that l am a 5½ year Survivor. We walked to celebrate Ellen and Velissa and Sharon and Melanie and all other Survivors as well as the brave women like Mikia, who are going through treatment. There were so many signs, tshirts, hats and bracelets with names in celebration of.


A little over an hour later and we strolled crossed the finish line. This was the time we shared with the thousands of others who participated, donated, and hope for a cure. We realized we probably could have finished sooner, but it wasn’t about that. We met so many people all connected by this awful disease. All sharing inspiration, encouragement and hope.



All the survivors received this beautiful medallion commemorating 25 years and a pink carnation. I am so glad I participated. I wish we didn’t have to, but we’ll be ready this same time next year. Maybe with a team of our own. Will be sure to let you know.



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