November is National Gratitude Month

Hello Beautiful People! Happy November! Well, like, almost right? We have just over 60 days left in this year. The whole year, folks. Man, I have so much I’d like to accomplish, complete, and finish before the end of the year. What about you? I know, lots right.

Anyhow…before we jump straight into all the lists, dates and deadlines, let’s pause and reflect on the positive. I really need to. I’ve been quite the Debbie Downer lately. In my search for the perfect “Hello November” picture, I saw that November is actually national gratitude month. Hmp. It really made me stop and think about all I do have instead of what I don’t.

Statistics even show that gratitude can and does have an effect on us. Check out the article here. So all November I’ll be taking a journey through gratitude. Hope you will join me. I think I’ll complete a craft or sew an item to coincide, what do you think? Send me some suggestions. In the meantime, follow me here, Facebook, and @RoyalThreadsByE for both Instagram and Twitter.

Grateful for you 😊,



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