November: Gratitude Journey Day 1

Hello Beautiful People! And…


November is here. This means the last quarter of the year, cooler temperatures, sweaters, boots (not yet, if you live here in Florida), more pumpkins, and for me the dreaded “Black Friday” advertising. Ugh! Peace and blessings to those who dare to navigate the traffic and large crowds to shop for deals. And with that being said, I digress.

As I stated in my previous post, I had no idea this month was National Gratitude Month. It’s quite fitting with this month being a holiday and all.┬áIt might even be the time most people start thinking about the end of the year, like – what’s been done or what still needs to be completed, etc. I’m not a big holiday person, so this is just about that time that I start to reflect. I’m sure as we progress, we’ll get deeper into reflecting. But right now, if I can be real – I’m happy to have a paycheck. Yes, a paycheck, money in the bank, dinero, or as my young people say “Coins”. I just started back working and picked up my check today….praise Jesus – Hallelujah! It feels so good to have money in your pocket. Now I can pay my tithes, pay bills, and all the other things I need (and want to do). Since I have money, I gotta give a shout out for my job that pays me. Next, the ability to get up and go to the job. Next, the mental fortitude to work with juveniles. Hmmm, I can see where this gratitude exercise is already opening up windows and lifting my spirits.

What about you? What are you grateful for?

So glad you stopped by for Gratitude Journey Day 1. Come back tomorrow and see what’s next!

Enjoy your journey,



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