Orange Juice. Wine Glass. Silver Platter.

Hey Beautiful People! It’s been a while. Thank you for still hanging in there!

Why not reconnect on a random, extra, out-the-box Saturday? Since this pandemic “adventure” began, nothing has been ordinary, eh.

So while trying to find space in the cabinet, remembered this wine glass. Set was given to us as a wedding gift 11 years and 9 months ago today. [I should probably check on her and her family.]

Wine glass I’ve used maybe once or twice. I think at New Year’s and the anniversary. I have wine but nah, I need to drink water. But nope. Orange juice. Yep.

Orange juice in a wine glass? Hmm. Orange juice in a wine glass. Why not?! It’ll be like a mimosa without the osa. Bougie? Maybe.

On a platter. Aha – put it on a silver platter. A silver platter I use probably once or twice a year. Now we’re extra.

OJ. Wine glass. Silver platter.

Back to the orange juice in a wine glass on a silver platter. CELEBRATE: Still had work the entire “adventure”. Able to get toilet paper every time I’m at the store. Restaurants had delivery and carry out. REFLECT. This is the 1st Saturday after a mentally draining, intense emotion filled week. Still trying to slow down my thoughts. I feel the weight of working continuously. End of the academic year virtually and my mind is still on – processing what’s next. REST. Mentally. Emotionally. Psychologically.

Take a picture. Phone is dead. Use the 35mm Cannon camera that has pics of the snow/ice storm in 2014. [Winter storm in FL] Took about 10-12 pics after looking at old ones on the SD card. Surprisingly, the battery was not dead.

Is the glass tilted?

Is the glass tilted? Is the platter bent? Or did I shift the camera while waiting for the pic take? I had to write all this down cause my phone died. [Why do we say the phone died when it’s really the battery?]

Oh well. I’ve exhausted enough random extraness for today. Stay connected. Stay safe as we continue this journey together.                     ~Erica


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