Doll Needle to Awl

Hey Beautiful People! Guess, what? I’ve really missed posting and sharing and connecting. It’s been waaaaay to long. I’m ALWAYS creating something. I just don’t post it. This time of “social distancing” (among other things) had me ready to do better. So…check out make-shift awl I made.

I know. You’re probably like, “what in the world is that?” Well, it’s called an awl (pronounced just like owl). Commonly used for making holes in wood and leather. In the sewing world, I’ve use it as a guide to hold pieces of fabric together at the beginning of sewing and supporting bulking fabric. It’s most useful for me when making bias tape.

The awl helps guide strips through. This tool was not included in this set of boas tape makers, so I made one with a doll needle and cutoff seam.

I started with just enough going through the eye of the needle. Then used E6000 glue on the seam and wrapped and glue it around for my handle. This glue needed to dry overnight and voila!

Until the next thread, enjoy your the holiday weekend!



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