From Shirt to Smock

Hello Beautiful People!

I do hope you are well. I am right at 2 days and 12 hours post Hurricane Sally in Pensacola, FL…without power. I know, right. We are better than most and blessed to only have minor damage to our privacy fence. But hurricanes and power outages is not why you are here. This bright, bold shirt is why you are here. And probably the fabric transformation about to unfold.

I need smocks for work. My goal was to make several this summer but some life circumstances shifted them to the UFO (Un-Finished Objects) stack. Since I have no idea when power will be restored, I decide to challenge myself to make a smock with needle and thread. Yes, old school for real. Will keep you updated here, Instagram, and on my Facebook page.

Here’s the plan: Remove the collar.

Cut the sleeves. There should be enough to make a matching mask. 😷

Next we’ll close this slit about 1½ to 2 inches.

Okay y’all. Let’s see how much we can get done with the daylight. Happy sewing. #NoPowerSewing that is.

Wekcome to the journey,



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